Stay feeling fresh the whole day long, with Everfresh’s strong antimicrobial properties!

Everfresh also has a very strong antiallergic effect againts to the type of microorganisms they affect. In addition to bacterial formation, the antimicrobial effect, which prevents the formation of mold and fungi, offers a much higher level of protection compared to the antibacterial concept.

Everfresh also has an effect against house mites, which are invisible to the eye and are one of the main causes of many allergies. The successful performance of antimicrobial substances makes these special antimicrobial products ideal for anyone who cares about their health and hygiene.

The active ingredient that makes Everfresh antimicrobial; zinc pyrithione!

Unlike similar minerals used for the same purpose, zinc is the second most necessary minerals for bodily health. Zinc, used in the body's primary defense mechanisms, is one of the most effective minerals in fighting bacteria, microbes and fungi.

No More Bad Odor!

By preventing occurence of bacteria growth favorable environments, Everfresh offers an odorless world where the consumers will always feel fresh and comfortable! In this way, products can be used for much longer without washing. Thanks to the reduced need for washing the product lifespan is much longer and your favorite clothing stays with you for many years. Thanks to Everfresh, you can benefit from and enjoy extra time instead of spending that time on laundry.

A Healthy And Comfortable Touch For Your Life; Everfresh…

The active substance that gives Everfresh a strong antibacteria effect is contained in the fiber.  It is not added through any chemical process afterwards. Products that earn such properties during the end process release severely heavy metals. Thanks to this feature, it has been proven by tests* that Everfresh does not harm your skin and does not release heavy metals during and after use.

Products contain Everfresh, never lose their strong antibacterial structure, and with the enduring washing resistance, it remains just like the first day.

*DIN EN ISO 10993-5 - *DIN 54233-3 : 2010 - *ASTM F963 : 2017

Environment Friendly

By using odor reducing Everfresh, you will need to wash it less and it will help you to protect environmental resources! Moreover, the need for a new product will be reduced by not wearing your clothes out with unnecessary washes! Everfresh, minimizes the use of

natural resources and extends product life cycles! Helps us to leave better tomorrows for future generations!

Antimicrobial tests carried out have proved that Everfresh preserved its strong antimicrobial properties even when blended with cotton, wool, viscose and other synthetic fibers.

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