Acrycycle - Recycled Fiber

This is our world.. The more we take, the more it continues to give, supporting us with the most precious memories of our lives … This is a world of two lovers, mother and child, a world where birds migrate from cold places to warm, and in which rivers endlessly flow; this is the world of all who are living.

So how do we treat this world which hosts us? This world which is our future, which nurtures our children, and supplies us with all the good times that we look forward to? Let’s just take a moment to look at the damage we are doing to the world whenever we want more than we need…

Each year over 100 million tons of fiber are produced in the world for use in textile production. In these production processes 1 million tons of paint, 42 million tons of chemicals and 93 billion m3 of water are consumed. The 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases which are released in the process are polluting our world and also our future.

But the story does not end here: the result of these volumes of processing  is that 48 million tons of the clothes produced are trashed and 75% of the clothing we no longer want to wear is incinerated or goes to landfill. So we are mistreating our earth in which we have so much hope causing it to cry out for attention.

For our children to be born into a world of hope, we have to make a stand! And with Acrycycle we are ready!

Acrycycle’s goal to minimize environmental damage from textile waste protects our future. The use of Acrycycle incorporates waste generated from other production processes into its products, and therefore reduces air pollution from incineration, damage to soils from landfill, and water contamination from soil-leaching.

Using Acrycycle allows you and your loved ones to dream of a more beautiful future, by aiming to reduce environmental pollution and landfill areas.

By re-using waste materials from other product production processes, Acrycycle has transformed the potential for avoiding contamination of our surroundings. Acrycycle uses  materials whose usefulness has otherwise expired.

When you buy any product containing Acrycycle, it offers you an easy and long-lasting way to show your respect for our world. Acrycycle has been developed out of an analytical discipline of comprehensive research, offering you a comfortable and long-lasting product with its 99.7% solvent recovery rate.

Acrycycle products offer traceability with transparent and easy tracking possibilities, thanks to its RCS certificate.

Acrycycle can transform the future for our children. It has been created through the unwavering belief that:

This is our world..