Corporate Social Responsibility

In all its social responsibility projects and activities, Aksa, who is focusing on developing solutions to the needs and problems of the whole community, with priority to those of the local people in the operations region, is targeting the creation of the highest possible added value for its stakeholders.

Aksa, who acknowledges its stakeholders’ expectations within the scope of its effective and transparent communications dynamics and who encourages the stakeholder’s contribution by its volunteering approach, is giving priority to the implementations which are focusing on increasing the social awareness and are sensitive to humans and environment.

Besides the support given to the social responsibility projects of the Akkök Holding of which it is a part, Aksa is developing a full series of projects ad applications which will be pioneering the sustainable development of the community to which it belongs. Our social responsibility projects, supported by the direct and indirect communication channels which we developed for the active participation of our stakeholders, are materialized in many different fields such as education, culture and arts and are oriented to provide social benefits, primarily in the regions where we are actively operating.

Our Projects

  • Support for “Put a cap” Project from Aksa Acrylic Continues

For the last 2 years, Aksa has been supporting the blue cap campaign of The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey (TOFD) for which, so far about 2 container-loads of caps were collected. Employees accumulate the plastic caps they collect in the production facilities and homes and drop them at the collection points in the facilities. In this campaign carried out by TOFD, the entire income obtained through recycling the caps collected is delivered to the needy by purchasing battery powered and manual wheelchairs.

  • Rhythm Workshop with Okay Temiz

In 2017, musical trainings organized at 3 schools in 2 regions which are different from the last year. Percussion instruments trainings were focused in the second phase of the project. (First phase:  Orchestra of the Future with Aksa ) Trainer has been also changed and cooperated with world-famous percussion master Okay Temiz.

Within the scope of the project, Şehit Ömer Halisdemir Secondary School and Kılıç Secondary School in Çiftlikköy and Hürriyet Secondary School students in Altınova were trained by Okay Temiz for 3 months. 25 students from each school, a total of 75 students, aged between 11-13, participated to “Rhythm Workshop with Okay Temiz” trainings. Like last year, a concert were given by the children after the trainings. Musical instruments such as hand drum, maracas, timbrel, rhythm stick, agogo bell and erbane (a kind of hand drum) were used in the project have gifted to schools as well.

  • Orchestra of the Future with Aksa

The Project called “Orchestra of the Future with Aksa” started in year 2016 having as objective the acquaintance of the school age children and youngsters with music and discovering the potential in this field. The target of this Project which is running in collaboration with the Association of Free Musicians and Producers, is to provide to the pupils between 10- 15 years of age, training during the wind instruments, percussion instruments and juggling workshops. The pupils who participated in these workshops have been selected according to the volunteering principle with the support of the music teachers and school counselors, the pupils and schools got different musical instruments as gifts. In the first stage this project started at the Tasköprü Intermediary School in Yalova and at the Aksa Technical and Industrial High School but the goal is to expand it in the coming year in the other

  • Support to the Yalova Orthopedically Disabled Sports Club

Since 2012 Akkök Holding has been supporting as main sponsor the Yalova Orthopedically Disabled Sports Club (YOSK), one of the leading sports clubs fighting in the Wheelchair Basketball Super league. Within the implementation scope we, Aksa, are supporting the YOSK. The successful performances of the club both in Turkey and in Europe and the sportsmen it has trained, continue to be a pride source for Yalova.

  • Festive Gifts for the Yalova Children

Every year, on the occasion of the 23rd of April, National Independence and Children’s Day, Aksa offers cinema entertainment to the children. In year 2016 almost 2000 children were taken to the cinema free of charge, with the purpose of contributing to their social and cultural development. In the future stages it is planned to reach even more children with this event.

  • Open Door visits

The Open Door Visits initiated by Aksa in year 1999 in line with the transparency and accountability principles, represent the actualization of an implementation that became an example of stakeholder participation for the business world. Within the scope of this implementation which provides easy and open communication of the employees with their managers, all the stakeholders are free to submit their suggestions, requests and complaints to the Aksa executives, and also they get the opportunity to visit the Aksa production site and to get information about issues they are willing to learn. Through this implementation from which different stakeholders such as local people, civil society organizations. Schools, employees’ families, customers, comparison teams, domestic and foreign visitors have been benefitting since year 1999, more than 19.000 people visited Aksa and got information about it.

  • Toys Museum Mobile Exhibition

In year 2014, the Yalova inhabitants visited the Toys Museum Mobile Exhibition with Aksa’s contribution. At this mobile museum organized free of charge at the Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center, the most favorite examples of the toy history from year 1900 until today have been exhibited.The Istanbul Toys Museum was visited by almost 8000 people during the 10 days of exhibition.

  • Akkök Children’s Festival

Aksa is continuing to offer support for the “Akkök Children’s Festival” organized by Akkök Holding in order to increase the children’s awareness concerning the subjects of sustainability and recycling. The children, who gathered at the Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center on the occasion of the 4th festival in Yalova, have undersigned again an artwork while participating in the entertaining activities of Akkök Holding companies such as Aksa Akrilik, DowAksa and Ak-Kim, about water saving and efficient water consumption. Within the scope of this event in which about 500 children have participated, , the Faruk K Children’s Club displayed a funny performance about water in the foyer area.

  • Aksa Professional and Technical Anatolia High School

In line with the importance it accorded to education, Aksa founded the “Aksa Professional and Technical Anatolia High School” in year 1992 in the Çiftlikköy County of Yalova, the Taşköprü towm with the purpose of training equipped and talented young people for the sector. In this school which continues its academic performance with 28 instructors and 365 students, there are trained the qualified technical people who would work in different industrial fields. In general among the professional and technical education institutions all over the country, Aksa Professional and Technical Anatolia High School is the only one that has the “Process” department which trains the staff necessary for the enterprises around. The students who get education in the Computer (Software), Electronic and Process departments, get their practice training in the laboratories equipped with the last technology hardware. Apart from our continuous support given to the Aksa Professional School regarding maintenance, repair, graduation event organization and library, we go on with the organization of different other events.

  • Collaboration with Kızılay

We are giving importance to expanding the social responsibility awareness, especially among our stakeholders, and are organizing different activities on this subject. Within this context we are organizing with Kızılay Yalova Branch “Blood Donation Campaigns” twice a year and encourage our employees to volunteer in this campaigns.

  • Tree Planting

During its 45 years life, Aksa has enriched the nature with tens of thousands of trees.  The plant and tree saplings raised in the Aksa nursery have added value to many projects within the scope of the improvement of the deteriorated forest areas and the fight against erosion. Aksa, who is aware of the important role of forests regarding the destruction of greenhouse gases, is distributing free of charge all the saplings raised  in its nursery, on the occasion of Open Door Visits, etc. only for the purpose of raising the awareness level on this matter. There are two memorial forests planted by Aksa until today and one “Aksa Employees’ Memorial Forest” where a tree is planted on the each birthday of the Aksa employees. Besides this activity, in October 2013 the Aksa Employees planted 5000 trees in the Çınarcık Hasanbaba location within the scope of the energy plant project.

  • Donations and Social Aid

Aksa, who believes that the social development is possible only with generations that are educated, equipped, can take initiative, are sensitive to community and environment, has overtaken the duty to enrich the education and cultural possibilities of the local communities of the regions where Aksa runs its activities. The Corporate Social Responsibility projects which are designed and actualized in this light, are supported by the “Donations and Social Aids” materialized ; social benefit oriented expenditures are made in different fields, but mainly in fields such as education, culture, arts and sports activities.

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