Environmental Sustainability

Aksa is running all its operations fully conscious of its responsibilities.

Our processes are managed with the awareness that the sustainability and efficiency of our operations is possible only if they are run in harmony with the environment. In order to secure a livable environment for the future generations, the processes which are developed and implemented are totally environmentally sensitive processes.

All our operations are run based on the principles of the efficient resources use and respect towards the environment.  Our stakeholders’ questions on Health, Safety and Environment are replied and the approach adopted in all our processes is proactive and transparent.

Aksa who has been certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate since year 1997, has been managing its environmental performance not only by fully complying with the rules defined by the laws and regulations by implementations which represent an example for the sector.


Water Management

Providing the sustainability, the efficient consumption of the water resources and taking the necessary precautions on this issue is a subject of special importance for the whole world. Water is one of the most important of these natural resources. At the present time, Aksa is realizing more and more the critical importance of the water management, either due to the problems related to the water consumption, or under the influence of the climatic changes.

Our water operations are managed within an integral frame including issues such as source diversity as one of the most important factors of sustainability,   efficient consumption and profile of the waste water delivered to the recipient environment. It is within this context that we have put into function our Reverse Osmosis and Joint Purification Plants since year 2015 in order to serve our purpose of securing the sustainability of our water resources and production.


Waste Management

As a production company, we are performing our operations fully aware that the waste resulting from our production processes has to be managed with the highest sensitivity. The residues resulting from our production activities are managed according to hierarchy of the waste management. Decreasing the waste at source, collecting it separately, provides its disposal according to the regulations, based on the waste specifications.

97% of our waste is valuated through recycling and as raw material additives for the other sectors.


Energy Efficiency and Climatic Changes

At Aksa, the energy supply and energy management carry a special importance in providing the operational sustainability. By generating energy, we provide sustainability and, at the same time, the energy necessary for our sister companies in the same region, and also we supply the electricity market with our excess energy.

As necessitated by our process, the efficient use of energy is as important as the uninterrupted supply of energy for the continuity of our operations. Due to the systematic energy management, it is possible to manage together the supply, efficiency, climatic changes and other related environmental influences.

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification process was completed during year 2015 within the scope of the energy management. The more efficient use of energy and the energy amount consumed for each unit is followed up at each process stage. At the same time, our activities concerning climatic changes are being assessed since year 2010 within the scope of the ISO 14064-1 standards and are certified for overall safety.

Nowadays, when the climatic changes are considerably influencing the entire world, the reflection of this subject to the business world is revealing the processes which affect directly the companies. Aksa is evaluating the climatic changes within the frame of the risks and opportunities they carry along and is continuing its operations together with the legal implementations.

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