Sustainability - Our Approach

Aksa, the biggest acrylic fiber manufacturer in the world, is addressing an expansive geographic area with its products and, is accordingly creating a wide social, environmental and economic sphere of influence. The company that targets the creation of added value for all its stakeholders by making its influence in this area acquire a positive quality, assumes the pioneering role in the sustainable development of its operations geographic areas, as one of its basic duties. Aksa is materializing sustainability implementations, exemplary for its sector and Turkey, in accordance with its own sector experience and with the corporate background of the Akkök Holding to which it belongs.

Aksa engages to carry to the future the value created for all its stakeholders by using the Vision Model for guiding the sector of which it is the leader. In light of this concept, Aksa is making special efforts to provide sustainability to the positive value created in the social, economic and environmental fields. The company is effectively managing the sustainability priorities determined according to its basic values and basic characteristics, is continuously creating more value for its action geographical areas while progressing in line with its set high targets.

The Global Compact

The Global Compact initiative of the United Nations has been set off by bringing together the UN regional officers, labor organizations, civil society organizations, governments and business world, with the purpose of developing the ten universal principles covering human rights, laborers’ standards, environment and corruption. For detailed information:

Aksa signed this initiative in 2006 and since 2009 has been providing participation to these activities as a member of the Global Compact Local Network Executive Council. Moreover, the progress concerning the adaptation to the principles of this initiative, which was adopted with a volunteering spirit, is shared by Aksa with all its stakeholders by means of the Sustainability Reports compiled yearly.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is an implementation based on the voluntary engagement of the companies in the Chemical Industry, to show utmost care for environment, human health and work safety at each stage of their activities, to increase continuously their implementation performance and to fulfill their social responsibilities regarding their activities. The “Responsible Care” movement set off in 1984 in Canada covered the whole world and is still under implementation in 52 countries. Aksa signed the Responsible Care engagement in year 1993.

For detailed information:

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