Stakeholders Policy


This policy defines the procedures and principles for the protection of the rights of the stakeholders of Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş. (“Aksa Akrilik or the Company”).


The Stakeholders include individuals, organizations or interest groups that are related to the Company’s activities, such as the shareholders of the company, employees, customers, suppliers, public institutions, intermediary institutions and organizations, analysts, potential investors, various non-governmental organizations.

Protection of Stakeholders

The Company safeguards the rights of its stakeholders in its actions and operations regulated by the relevant legislation and mutual agreements. In cases when the rights of the stakeholders are not regulated by the legislation and agreements, the interests of the stakeholders shall be protected in good faith and by observing the rights, resources and reputation of the company. If there is any conflict of interest among the stakeholders or a stakeholder joins more than one interest group, a well-balanced policy shall be followed so far as possible to protect their rights and each right shall be aimed to be protected independently. The policies developed to protect the stakeholders are detailed in the “Policies” section of the corporate website of Aksa Akrilik.

Information to Stakeholders

Aksa Akrilik adopts the principle of equity, integrity and impartiality while informing shareholders and stakeholders. Based on the principles of public announcement and transparency, it makes every effort to establish a framework that would allow the stakeholders to access complete information on time.

The Company’s corporate website, the public disclosure platforms are used to make external announcements whereas in-house announcements by the Company’s portals and special applications.

The Company believes that sharing information and making a declaration about the stakeholders, except for trade secrets, would establish a more effective market for capital market instruments. The Investor Relations Department, which consists of the employees of the Financial Affairs Directorate that comply with the licensing procedures of the Capital Markets Board, shall, depending on the content of the request, accommodate written and/or verbal requests for information from capital markets participants.

The corporate communications department shall make press releases on print and visual media. Unless specifically assigned, Aksa employees shall not answer questions from capital market participants. The procedures and methods for the information to be provided to the stakeholders are shared in detail on the Company’s corporate website under the Announcement Policy.

Stakeholders’ Participation in Management

No provisions stipulating the participation of stakeholders in management shall be included in the Company’s Articles of Association. However, since 2014, the Board of Directors has been comprised of independent members to establish assurance that shares traded on the stock exchange are treated at an equal distance as represented by the resolutions. Moreover, Aksa Akrilik has further improved the definition of a minority to four percent by taking the rights exercises of stakeholders to a higher level and added it to its articles of association.

The “Representative Committee,” which works to guarantee the participation of the Company’s employees in management, communicates the suggestions, complaints and opinions from employees to senior management. The representation committee, consisting of the members that are nominated by the electoral procedure among the employees and the senior management of the Company, aims for the regular participation of the employees in management. The recommendation mechanism accessible to all employees also allows them to send their suggestions to their managers.

Customers, suppliers, governmental institutions and diverse community organizations have individual or collective discussions to assess the suggestions of these meetings. Shareholders can also be contacted via senior management meetings. There is also a communication channel that the stakeholders can pass on any non-compliances to senior management through the Ethics Hotline, which is available to all stakeholders and is administered by a third party.

Human Resources Policy

Human rights are the basis for all of our human resources practices. Aksa believes that talented, creative, open to learning and happy employees are the key to driving global business success forward. It believes that the employees’ contributions to their careers would have a direct impact on corporate success.

The Company employs systems that will ensure all employees perform the right work at the right time, improve their knowledge and skills in line with their needs, and receive constructive and timely feedback on their performance. We designate future leaders among our employees through effective talent management practices. The participation of employees is reinforced through several practices of internal communication, attempts to build employee commitment and all steps to provide a healthy and secure environment for the workforce.

It is one of the fundamental corporate values of the Company to provide its employees with a decent work environment. In all organizations, we implement human resources processes that respect employee rights, eradicate discrimination, and adhere to global human rights principles. We are seeking ways to broaden this approach throughout the value chain.

In all applications, from recruitment to wages, and the performance evaluations to career management practices, we are consistent with these values at Aksa Akrilik and also undertake recruiting processes through assessment, regardless of gender and without discrimination, of individuals with appropriate qualifications. Recruitment practices treat all potential employees equally, regardless of age, physical disability, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief or sexual orientation. We place our employees with disabilities in works suitable for their physical condition and help the socio-economic development of our operation territories with our local employment strategy. The company attaches great significance to the recruitment and protection of qualified employees inside the company in line with its strategic corporate objectives; it continuously tries to enhance its performance in talent management through effective performance evaluation, employee development and career management practices. In Aksa Akrilik, employee training is planned using a participatory model. The Aksa Training Committee (AKEK) consists of representatives from all departments and members of the Representative Committee advises and supports the Human Resources department in assessing the training needs of our employees. This category includes Academic Support, Career Mapping, Developer Manager Seminar, A Mentor-Mentee Plan, Coaching Programmes.


The “compensation policy” aimed at the employees is available on the corporate website.

Relations with Customers and Suppliers

The Company exerts its obligations from a “Sustainable Supply Chain” perspective and seeks to expand a similar approach and perspective to all its suppliers and stakeholders. It guarantees that these values are enforced throughout its supply chain, by accepting the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Sustainable supply chain policy is available on the corporate website.

The company takes all kinds of measures to ensure customer satisfaction in the marketing and sales of goods and services within its field of activity. We comply with quality standards and uphold the standard in our goods and services. The relevant departments evaluate the customer’s requests regarding the purchased goods and services and inform the customers accordingly. Our company cares about the confidentiality of customer and supplier information in line with trade secrets.

Investor relations

To build sustainable value for all shareholders, the Company employs investor relations tools to provide comprehensive and accurate information to all stakeholders with a fair, transparent, responsible and accountable management approach.

The main working principles adopted by the Investor Relations unit include accessibility, providing quick feedback, and giving transparent, consistent and timely information to stakeholders and it is essential to keep the information available on the corporate website up-to-date. Attention is paid to ensure that all employees in the department are competent persons who have full knowledge of the relevant legislation, possess the licenses required by the Capital Markets Board, and are fully aware and able to communicate the dynamics of the company and the industry. Against the background, the Investor Relations department seeks to make a difference by understanding and analysing the company well, having a good command of company strategies and conveying such strategies by employing the most effective methods.

Code of Ethics and Social Responsibility

The company operates under the ethics code published on the company’s website to the public (

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