AKSA Products

Application Area

AT200 Homopolymer Acrylic Fiber

AT200 Homopolymer Acrylic Fiber is a high strength fiber developed for technical applications in filtration media in coal operated power generation, cement mills, waste incineration plants etc.

  •  High strength
  •  Low residual shrinkage
  •  Excellent chemical resistance
  •  Good thermal resistance
  •  Excellent hydrolysis resistance
  •  High modulus
  •  Suited for long term operation at temperatures up to 130 oC

AT300 Flock Tow

AT300 Flock Tow is a high modulus fiber developed for reinforcements in wide variety of industrial applications such as lead acid battery plates, adhesives, epoxy resins, brake pads and clutch disks.

  •  Prevents formation of fissures
  •  Improves stability
  •  Increases regularity
  •  Resistant and durable
  •  Resistant to fatigue and fatigue deformation

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