AKSA Products

Application Area

AK700 Medium Count Fiber

AK700 Medium Count Fiber is available as 1.7-2.2-2.75-3.3 and 5.6 dtex for knitwear, hand knitting, blanket, bath rug, carpet and artificial fur products.

  •  bright appearance
  •  soft touch
  •  available as ecru/dyed in tow, top/bump and staple fiber form

ARC40 Rectangular Cut Fiber

ARC40 Rectangular Cut Fiber is available as 3.3-5.6-11-17-22 dtex with rectangular cross sectional width/length ratio 1:10 for hi-pile products such as synthetic fur and blankets.

  •  perfect imitation of natural animal fur
  •  excellent touch
  •  available as ecru/dyed in staple fiber form

AS350 Dry Extra Shrinkage Fiber

AS350 Dry Extra Shrinkage Fiber is available as 2.2-3.3 and 5.6 dtex, provides an average 33% shrinkage in hot air for high pile products.

  •  excellent up and down effect
  •  improved resilience in blends
  •  available as ecru/dyed in staple fiber form

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